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This station is on air 24/7/365 for your listening pleasure.
We hope you enjoy it!
Lonnie Lee is the first Australian Star to have a radio station feature ONLY his songs. The station runs every hour all year round. It uses RADIODJ and you can hear it here or via SHOUTCAST, STEAMCAST, ICECAST, TUNEIN and other Stream web sites. See the PLAYLIST on the Menu above.


Aussie Music Lonnie Lee Songs Since 1959 Lonnie Lee has recorded over 550 songs.
The songs played on this non-stop station are from his Gold singles and albums since his first album,' This is Lonnie Lee' released in 1959. Those recorded on vinyl have been processed for CD yet have not been enhanced so that they retain the original feeling and sound.


Some of the songs are 'LIVE' versions he has recorded on his live shows over the years and of course live versions are never the quality of studio versions. However they offer memories of his shows.


The playlist shows the vast range of styles he has sang and still sings. From Jazz, blues, ballads, country, rock, rockabilly, pop and yes , even rap. If you tune in when a ballad is playing, it could be followed by any of these styles.


The songs are played on a random basis and are interspersed with Station Id's with Lonnie introducing some of the songs.


In the near future there will be some interviews with Lonnie by many DJ's over the years and Lonnie interviewing some of his peers.


Lonnie Lee Official Web Site


Starlite Records OnLine Shop


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He is like no other star.. See for yourself when his show comes to your area. The critics rave as much as the audiences do.

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His voice is remarkable as is his unique style.

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The station is available wherever there is Internet.. On desktops, laptops, tablets, phones and other mobile devices.

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