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One for the money..

Two for the show..

Three to get ready..


Go man go..

at Tamworth..

last January 2004.

Country Music Festival pix....

Three Aussie Legends,

Johnny Young

Normie Rowe

Lonnie Lee

Still wooing the audiences !

Marcie Jones added the
girlie touch to the show.

She is still writing and
performing great songs


With two of Australia's
finest Country music writers. .

Trevor Knight


Allan Caswell


Lonnie meets up again with

Peter Stapleton

Exec Producer of Community Radio's

Good Morning Country and Overnight Express

Lonnie was interviewed by

Paul Rowe

at Festival Radio

in Tamworth


Other photos will be on future DVD's

Have you go any pix of Lonnie or his shows ?
We'd love to see more pix of the audiences having a good time!
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