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Lonnie's trip back USA was a blast for many reasons. The record session in Nashville produced some great cuts due for Starlite release early in 2005.

Nashville Record Session

The session was led by the world's greatest bass player, Bob Babbitt of Motown's legendary Funk Bros.

Together with Bob Kruze they got together a line up 'A' list players for the session.

Musicians included, Byrd (guitar) from the Amazing Rhythm Aces, Ed Greene the famous LA studio drummer and Randy (keys) from Dr Hook, Shania Twain et al.

Recorded in the cozy studio of Skip Mitchell in Hendersonville by the lake, the songs epitomes the smooth, clean sound that only Nashville players and studio get.

The songs will be released from early 2005.

The world's leading
bass player..
Bob Babbitt

Bob took over from James Jameson of the original Funk Bros in the mid 60's and is featured on most of the hundreds of hits that came out of Motown. He is featured on Elton John's new album and #1 single, as well as on many other new releases.

Bob's list of who he has performed with, is extra extraordinary and by sheer numbers alone puts him way at the top of the bass players of modern music.

He has recently released a CD where he plays 'everything' on the tracks, which is testament to his incredible talent. The CD is also available on the Starlite On-line Shop.

See his website

Old friend Wayne Jackson
of the Memphis Horns

Lonnie met up again with his buddy Wayne Jackson, who was the founding member of legendary The Memphis Horns. They played on virtually every song that came out of Memphis since the early 60's and Otis Redding. In more recent years they played with The Doobie Bros, Marty Robbins, Sting and a list that covers most of the 'superstars' of today.

Wayne gave Lonnie some songs to look at and he chose one which he also recorded. Wayne also played his sweet horns on the session.

Wayne has also allowed us to include some of his hard to get merchandise on the Starlite On-line Shop which is now available.

This includes CDs, photos of him and Elvis, horn arrangements of some #1 hits such as 'Dock of the Bay' etc., stories and much more.

See his website here

Meeting with John Marascalco

In Hollywood, he caught up with John Marascalco who wrote 'Starlight Starbright', Ready Teddy, Rip it up and many of the great songs to embrace the Rock 'n' Roll scene.

John gave Lonnie some of his more recent uncut songs and he recorded one of them in the Nashville session..

Song from Australian writer

The only Aussie song recorded for this CD was by Lil Fi, the talented girl who is Queen of the Blues Festivals and who Lonnie had been featuring on his 2003 shows as support act.

Originally an uptempo straight ahead blues song, Lonnie has transformed it into a kickass modern country cut.

Byrd's guitar solo is a Nashville classic and the song is sure to be a hit with the Line Dancers and lovers of modern country.

See her website here

Le Garde Twins

Lonnie caught up with the Le Garde Twins who have been living in Nashville for the past 20 years. They always seem to be ageless and are still performing all over USA especially to the lovers of Cowboy music and movies. They feature in all of the ever increasing Cowboy Festivals across USA and are well respected for the part they have played in the history of country music.

They have a couple of 'Cowboy' CD's now available on the Starlite On-line Shop which show off their famous harmonies.

In USA since the mid 50's, they also deserve a place in the Australian Country hall of Fame as one of the original stars of country music in Australia.

The passing of two legends

Whilst Lonnie was in Nashville, two of country music's legends passed over. Firstly Johnny Cash and then Sheb Woolley.

At the Cash home in Hendersonville, Lonnie was interviewed by LA Entertainment News who were there to witness the fans placing their teddy bears, letters, photos and flags on the fence surrounding his home. This area was also 'home' to Lonnie in the mid 70's as he spent many days in the home next to Johnny's.. the home of Roy Orbison.

He also attended the funeral of Sheb Woolley who wrote 'Purple People Eater' and many classic rock and country songs. As a movie actor he was the baddie at the other end of the street in the famous gunfight with Gary Cooper in 'High Noon' as well as having a lead role in TV's 'Rawhide'.

Many of the Nashville famous attended including 'Cowboy Jack Clement, Sonny James, Jeanie Seeley, Dallas Frazier as well as Ray Walker and the Jordanaires and The LeGarde Twins. It was a true 'Cowboy' style of funeral.

There were many other interesting happenings on the trip
- too many to mention here.

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