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The 2004 Melbourne Tour
Where Rock'n'Roll still lives on...

Memories in Music

After the show

the autograph lines were

many many deep..

It took over an hour

from first to last!


Springvale City Hall and Laverton Bowling Club

were for a few hours blasted into

Rock'n'Roll space...

With Greg Lynch,

promoter of the event

and Ivan sax player

with The Stingers Band.

Lonnie with good friend
and ex Billy Thorpe Aztec..

Tony Barber


You gotta get his book ..
'Long way till you drop'
from bookstores everywhere.

It's a lotta laffs!



The Big Boss

of the touring troupe



Lonnie with DJ
Steve Price
from Southern FM
and his partner

Several of the wild and famous were at the show..

Here is Dirk,
(bass player of Australia's Legendary Blues band, 'Chain')..

with Merv, drummer of
The Leemen.

Other visitors included the Blues Legend himself,

Matt Taylor

as well Lil' Fi who last year
featured as support star
for Lonnie's Sydney season.

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